How Does It Work

SlideSix is multimedia enabled presentation sharing. We empower users to create a unique and powerful impression by giving them a rich web based application where they can import presentation material and personalize their message by narrating each slide with video or audio.

In addition to the power of narrating your presentation, users have the ability to embed external videos from YouTube or Vimeo. To learn more about this new feature you can view the introductory presentation.

Our interface is simple, but effective and user friendly. Users can import presentations (PowerPoint, OpenOffice, PDF) and supporting documentation (ZIP), edit its details, record multimedia, manage their personal profile and groups all within a single web based interface.

By building our platform on proven rich internet frameworks and technologies we offer a scalable, reliable and familiar desktop-like user experience.

What differentiates SlideSix from other social presentation sharing communities?

Simplicity and identity are keystones of our presentation sharing community. Social networks, more often then not, are utilized by people looking to create a unique web identity.

The motivation for the desire to create such an identity varies. Some people use social networks for personal reasons � to keep in touch with friends and relatives or reconnect with others whom they may have lost touch with. Others use them for business reasons – to create an online presence for a company or product.

Often folks use them for a combination of business and personal reasons. SlideSix is a social presentation sharing community that caters to everyone. Users can privately share a personalized and narrated photo album, or a public product introduction with an embedded multimedia demonstration. The possibilities are as endless as our users creativity.

SlideSix transcends one of the biggest flaws of most social communities on the web � the inability to differentiate ones identity from all of the other faces in the crowd. There will be no mistaking your identity with a multimedia presentation on SlideSix.

For Investors

SlideSix is currently a self-funded venture. We are looking for investors who are excited about our product to help us establish a strong team.

In a recent review of SlideSix, TechCrunch said “good programmers and ideas just coming from the confines of some programmer cage in the Valley.”

TechCrunch’s review was very flattering, but let’s be honest, a self-funded, single developer team is extremely limited in its ability to compete with well funded Silicon Valley conglomerates.

We truly believe that our product has great potential and given the proper exposure and funding it is our belief that SlideSix can obtain a solid portion of the presentation sharing market which appears to have plenty of room for growth and substantial revenue opportunities.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping us grow.