Due to the rise in the levels of pollution and sickening food habits, the after-effects are wreaking havoc on the overall health of human beings. This is not only affecting the internal health but the effects are also showing up outwardly as well. One such major manifestation is through extreme hair fall in both the females as well as males. As the length and breadth of the hair in the females gradually keep decreasing, yet, the hair loss problems are more prominently visible in the males through their baldness. The hair problem of the males is aggravated to a great extent that shows up in the form of male pattern baldness. This not only snatches away the look of a certain male but also undermines the confidence as well. In order to come out of this tormenting issue, hair re-growth tips have to be undertaken after careful consultation with dermatologists and hair fall experts.

Causes of hair fall and prevention

In order to treat a certain disorder, it is important to first find out the root cause behind the problem and then eradicate the same in order to ensure recovery. Likewise, the hair loss problems also have a key reason behind, which is namely the detrimental action of the Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT) hormone. Whenever this hormone is present in abundance in the bloodstream of the human beings, it leads to the reduction of the growth of hair follicles leading to hair fall and male pattern baldness in the long run as well. The causes behind the increase of the DHT hormone in the bloodstream of humans are usually stress, anxiety, hypertension, genetics or hereditary reasons, some form of medication and the like. Whatever be the reason, the escalation of the DHT hormone will inhibit hair growth to a large extent. Hence, quite obviously, the action of this hormone has to be stopped or hindered somehow in order to prevent hair fall.

Today, several hair clinics and experts will carry out a proper diagnosis of the problems of hair fall based on a personalized approach and they usually suggest the following hair regrowth techniques:

  • Herbs like Saw Palmetto, nettle roots, and Siberian ginseng are very useful to treat hair fall and today, there are various Ayurvedic medicines available for use that make use of these ingredients for the preparation.
  • Increasing the intake of certain vitamin-rich food items such as Vitamin B, H, and E along with sufficient mineral intake will decrease the deficiency in the body that is another main reason behind hair fall.

With the help of the above-mentioned tips, one can get back the original dense hair that used to enhance the beauty and facial about best reviews of 2 person hot tubs look here.

— December 23, 2016

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