There are several myths that are associated with male sexual health¸ and these myths are there because people have various myths regarding the sexual life of a man. For instance, men thought about sex more than a woman, they engage in various kinds of sexual experience and they also masturbate more than women. All these facts, although are not true. Except for the fact that men are more open about their sex life and sexual experiences, and this fact has been proven by many studies and by many researchers who are there. Men too have many notions about their sexual life. For example, they think that testosterone could actually boost libido in men. Well, do you think that the notion is at all true? Do you want to find out the truth behind this particular fact provided? Well, then here is the actual fact for you, you could have a look at it.

Does the testosterone really help in boosting the libido of a man?

Many boys have this notion that if there is a growth of the testosterone hormone in their body then it could actually help an individual to boost up their libido. Such a notion is just not a wrong. Research has proven that testosterone may not be the only thing behind the sex drive that is there in a man, but its presence is significant. If there is a low amount of testosterone hormone inside the body of a man then it could actually result in disturbing the sexual life of a man. The man may not feel that urge to go towards the conjugal life, moreover, the male sex life also gets disturbed because they often remain dissatisfied with it.

The sexual desire often experience a decline

Numerous researches have proven that the sex drive that is there in a man decline with his age. During his teen, the man has the highest sexual desire, but slowly, with age the desire for having sex decreases. It is not only the age of the man, which is responsible for affecting the desire that is there inside man, but there are several other things as well, which affects it. It includes things such as lack of sleep and stress that is associated with the daily hardship of man’s life. Therefore, these things could actually affect the sexual desire that the man had inside him. Read more here:

— November 1, 2016

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