When you are trying to set up a website, you should decide on an ideal web host. There are so many different types of web hosting services. There are hundreds of companies with a wide range of services and packages. If you are a newcomer to web hosting, you are bound to feel bamboozled. That is because a hasty choice can end up in hours of downtime and poor web performance.

In this short write up, you will read on how to choose the right web hosting company.

#1 Availability

First of all, you should take care of availability. This is a technical term that represents reliability. Websites are coined as “highly available” when they don’t experience long downtimes. These websites can run for hours without any hassles. In fact, server errors wouldn’t bring the websites down. The virtual industry’s standard for high availability is “99.6%”. When you choose a website hosting company, you should check if it is reputed for high availability. This check will help you create a consistent bond with customers. In simpler terms, you don’t have to worry about losing customers during a downtime.

#2 Bandwidth

Another important factor that differentiates website hosting companies is “Bandwidth”. Bandwidth represents the amount of data you send and receive from servers. Every time a person launches your website, data is fetched from the server. If your website has huge volumes of data or heavy content, you need plenty of bandwidth. Some website hosting companies restrict the amount of data a site can transfer. This is “bandwidth allocation”. If your website doesn’t expect huge traffic, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth. But, if your website focuses and depends on traffic, you need to invest on hosts with more bandwidth limits. Buying extra bandwidth may sound expensive. However, it is essential!

#3 Disk Space

Disk space allocation is important for certain websites. If you are a small firm running a website to reflect your brand, disk space allocation is not mandatory. But, if you are an organization hunting for huge volumes of data, you need disk space! There are plenty of hosting packages with unlimited and limited disk space. You must filter these packages based on your requirements.

#4 Technical Freedom

Last but certainly not least, you should look into financial freedom. Technical freedom will let you test and work with functionalities the way you want! For example, you can control things like .htaccess, FTP, PHP and Cron jobs.

— May 7, 2018